The Style Clique announces Asia’s Biggest Fashion Couture in Abu Dhabi.

The Style Clique announces Asia’s Biggest Fashion Couture in Abu Dhabi.

The Style Clique, India’s premier fashion Couture, has announced its latest developments, including the launch of Asia’s Biggest Fashion Couture in Abu Dhabi. The event will feature models and designers from India and around the world, making it the perfect place to discover new talents and be inspired.

Since its inception in 2023, The Style Clique has been on a mission to support and motivate Indian designers to develop their brands sustainably domestically and abroad. The brand has brought together multiple firms to manage and improve India Fashion and its offshoots.

The brand has expanded its presence online and offline, giving exposure to new faces in the Indian fashion industry. Its social media channels and OTT platform provide an online platform for emerging designers, while its e-commerce site gives them a space to market and sell their products.

The brand has also researched the reseller and distribution network, helping designers leverage the network to their advantage.

The upcoming Asia’s Biggest Fashion couture in Abu Dhabi will introduce a new category of awards, including best style icon, urban luxe award, best fashion designer, model of the year, trailblazer award, women entrepreneur, and many more. The event will also feature speeches to inform, persuade, inspire, motivate, and present new ideas/products in the fashion industry.

The Style Clique’s team is thrilled to host such a grand event and provide international exposure to top designers and models from all states of India. The event is a platform to sculpt fashion trends and take the legacy forward like legends. They also intend to provide opportunities for artists to design costumes in movies.

The Style Clique invites everyone to join them at the Asia’s Biggest Fashion Event in Abu Dhabi and be a part of this incredible journey. The event promises a full-fledged fashion experience at its best, and The Style Clique team hopes to see everyone there.

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