The Rising Recruitment in Healthcare Sector Post Pandemic

The Rising Recruitment in Healthcare Sector Post Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic in the year 2020 served a big blow to almost every sector and industry. Most industries suffered huge losses; many companies and businesses had to shut down operations and cut jobs. The onset of the pandemic was also a testing time for the healthcare industry. This was the one sector that had been at the helm of the pandemic, with the healthcare workers not only being the forerunners of the pandemic, providing the required care for patients and working to more than their capacities to ensure that patients got the required treatment. In addition, the sector experienced an unprecedent growth during the pandemic and now, post pandemic, the healthcare industry is still enjoying a peak and open the gate for recruitment agency.
During the pandemic, many healthcare workers joined the not-so-well-staffed industry to offer their services, helping spread awareness about the pandemic and offering the required healthcare facilities. Not only during the pandemic, but post-pandemic as well, there are several employment opportunities in the healthcare sector. today, hospitals and clinics are hiring healthcare workers to offer the required services to the patients. This has been largely due to the fact that doctors, nurses and residential care workers have been over worked during the pandemic and have worked overtime to offer quality care. This has led to the healthcare professionals becoming sick themselves and hospitals need to arrange for more staff and backup.
The pandemic has created several employment opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, especially with the penetration of vaccines into the market. Vaccination centres require qualified technicians and nurses to ensure that the vaccines are administered in the right manner and with most governments making vaccines for COVID-19 and booster doses mandatory, the sector is bound to look for more and more potential candidates.
In fact, in the US, it is expected that the healthcare sector would add almost 3.8 million jobs by 2024. This implies that the healthcare sector would need to streamline the recruitment process so that it is able to hire the most talented healthcare workers and meet the needs and demands of those seeking healthcare services.


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