The New Instagram’s Sensation Fakruddin Ahmed, recovering hacked Instagram accounts all over the world.

Fakruddin Ahmed, a young Hyderabadi – Indian who is an Electronics and Communication Engineer is known for his Hacked Instagram Account recoveries. He is just 22 and has nearly 11,000 followers on Instagram. He has now become an Instagram Sensation with his skills of helping the netizens in recovering their hacked accounts all over the world in minutes.

Over the years with the increase in digital media a lot of users, brands, artists and celebrities are facing social media threats of making easy money through different counter regions. Unfortunately, Instagram is so vast but not that modified to get the account back in minutes of time. He helps users to recover the Instagram account within a short span. Instagram has been increasing day by day in making enormous user experience features but day by day with expansion failing towards helping users in gaining their accounts back. Even the Cyber Crime Departments faced challenges in helping the Instagrammers get their accounts back from the Hackers fraud. The hackers can be seen hacking the Instagram accounts through phishing and promoting Bitcoin trading with the admin’s identity by scamming their friends.

My education and experience helps me to analyze software business models and I want to set an accurate team – correspondents who will be call away. I look forward to make networks hack-free at Zero cost with technology by working in Meta to improve it’s features and make it user friendly. By not having a proper internal form to recover the hacked account in Instagram, we are keeping the upcoming generation at a greater risk.

Usually, the Instagram Team takes upto 3-4 business days to just review the user’s identity and problem. Meanwhile, the hackers scam people in Lakhs of Rupees till the Instagram Team replies back to the user. The stress that a user faces with threats, both mentally and financially in these 3-4 days are unimaginable. The Instagram Team also does not guarantee if the issue is going to be solved within the given time of 3-4 business days.

Mostly my work has been through word of mouth and references. Trust is an important factor that helps humans going and growing. My work has been recognized and appreciated by The Hon’ble Minister of Home, Prison and Fire Services of Telangana Mr.Mahmood Ali Sir and Member of Parliament of Hyderabad Mr.Asaduddin Owaisi Sir.

I have recovered more than 100+ live accounts so far and the number keeps rising everyday. Mostly, the users were from Hyderabad, Mumbai, U.A.E, U.K and a couple of leads from the U.S.A too. I have even retrieved some of the accounts whose Password, Email and Phone Number was changed by the hacker. The Hackers were mostly from countries like Nigeria, Turkey, Russia and Italy. Recently, I was also approached by an Indian Cricketer’s brother and few Politicians for regaining their accounts back. – says Fakruddin Ahmed.

If you are concerned about your loved ones and need help for issues related to any hacked account, reach me on my Instagram @fakrvddin.

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