The Journey of Becoming Successpreneur Mentor from Dilip Solanki The Indian Eagle

The Journey of Becoming Successpreneur Mentor from Dilip Solanki The Indian Eagle

We’ve always heard people saying life is easy or life is to enjoy and not to worry but we humans have a tendency to make things complicated and then saying life is hard and without realizing what we’re capable of we quit. Do you feel familiar with this? It is not hard to live a life that is stress free and full of happiness. It is just that at times you do not get proper guidance or mentorship and you fail there.

Dilip is the perfect person to help you out here. Dilip Solanki, famously known as The Indian Eagle, he is credited to this title only due to his work and what he does? He is India’s only Successpreneur Mentor and a digital entrepreneur who helps and guides people on how to be successful. Sounds awesome right?

Everyone wants to get rich or wants to be successful in life, everyone has the potential to be successful but it is only those who have proper mindset who succeed. He believes that people should live a holistic life that enables you to know and discover your true potential. He says, “When you unleash your true potential, you control your life, you amplify it and live a successful life with a great career and wealth.” 

Since 2020, the time when he started out in this industry. Dilip has helped people to gain confidence, make them a good communicator and an orator and teaches them how to remain positive and confident is any situation of life. He has coached, trained and mentored over hundreds of students and the number keeps growing so does his popularity. He has done various conferences, seminars, webinars, corporate events where he often talks about subjects like about success, performance, mindset, productivity, Skillset, and confidence and the art of advanced communication and public speaking and a lot more. He also provides online and offline consultancy and offers various training programmes such as;

  • How to make videos like a pro & build undefeatable confidence
  • Speak to Impact; Where he teaches people about the impeccable communication & the art of Advanced public speaking 
  • One to one programme where he talks about Amplifying your life, success, career and wealth. (Where he teaches ambitious people, professionals and Individuals how to enable, maximize and unleash their true potential.)

Today, Dilip has built a successful community of people where he is helping and they all are helping each other but it was never a cake walk for him. He faced hardships, went through things that no one should and heard pile of demotivating and negative comments. Even when he started out to be an entrepreneur he was pulled down, he often heard comments like, ‘Dilip you are useless kid and you can’t do anything good in your life. You are very shy and underconfident’ at times his kindness was also seen as his weakness and people commented on the same. He has failed multiple times but he states his failures as proudly as he does his success and achievements. We asked him if he’d like to share his failures with us to which he agreed and said, “I’m an MBA dropout and a 3 times CPT fail. I left competitive exams and turned into becoming a Successpreneur mentor.” He himself was underconfident and no one realize more what it is to be like a person with under confidence, low esteem and not able to communicate properly with others. There were also financial constraints when he started out but that did not become a hurdle in his journey and he did not stop and changed his life. 

He now on his journey he aims that no one should face what he faced for which he working passionately, training and mentoring people and helping them to lead a life that they have always dreamt of. 

Dilip Solanki comes from a background that has no business or entrepreneurial lineage, his father works an electronic mechanic and his mother is a housewife. Without any business background or guidance today, he has achieved all on his own and has become India’s number one and only successpreneur mentor.

Today he has achieved a lot in his life and transformed himself into a strong, fearless and powerful man. He has been published in various leading digital media, newspapers and magazines for his works. 

He says, “There are a lot of limiting beliefs, and misconceptions about success & money. I want to eliminate those misconceptions and help people make money.” The proper mindset and the skills that are required to make money are never taught in school and this is not any of us deserves. Everyone should know how to make money. He wishes to teach that share his knowledge, experience and strategies with all those who wish to learn them and lead a successful life. 

To get in touch with Dilip, visit;

Or reach out to him on;

+91 83028-04872 


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