THE BULL IN CRYPTO – Yogesh Agarwal

THE BULL IN CRYPTO – Yogesh Agarwal

Yogesh Agarwal (Known as Yogi in world Crypto Market) is new face in list of BULLS in CRYPTO.

A Cryptocurrency bull market in cryptocurrency is the polar opposite of a bear market. So, if the market 

is trending upward, we’re in the midst of a bull market.

what is really interesting about cryptocurrencies is that they were never intended to be invented as they 

are known today. This actually all started with the now infamous Bitcoin and a man named Satoshi 

Nakamoto. Nakamoto’s goal in the beginning was to create nothing more than an electronic peer to 

peer cash system. People had for a long time been trying to create some kind of online digital cash 

system, but had always failed due to the issues with centralization. Satoshi Nakamoto knew that 

another attempt at building an online centralized cash system would only result in more failure, so he 

decided to create a digital cash system that had no centralized authority. And so came the birth of the 

Bitcoin. Yes, Satoshi Nakamoto invented the Bitcoin, the very first decentralized form of digital cash 

that had no central governing or controlling body. Bitcoin was to be the property of the entirety of the 

Bitcoin community. Nakamoto created Bitcoin back in 2008 and it’s value exploded without question. 

Back when it was first created, it had a value of little over a single cent. However, the value quickly 

grew and in late 2009 had already reached $27 for a single Bitcoin. Now, in 2017, a single Bitcoin has a 

value of over $7,500, so as you can see, the value of this particular cryptocurrency has skyrocketed to 

monumental levels.

As Now with change in time its era of OXICOIN created by Yogesh Agarwal.

As mentioned previously, the most recent crypto bull run began in late 2021, with BTC at the forefront. 

Another is expected to come in 2022. With the Ethereum Merge coming in September, multiple tokens 

can see peaks and dips, signifying a bull run coming soon.

Shiba Inu (SHIB), Ethereum (ETH) and OXICOIN (OXC) can be the leaders of the upcoming run. 

Positive news and reports for each token have seen them grow over the course of Summer 2022.

While some experts call ETH a “sell the hype” situation, it will still see a likely spike going into the 

merge. Going into Q4, both tokens don’t appear to have major drops coming. Therefore, expect a 

bullish run in the near future, especially considering launch of OXICOIN (OXC). 

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