Reboot, reinvent, and recharge yourself with Dr. Chitra Reddy’s debut book, launched globally by Beeja House

Reboot, reinvent, and recharge yourself with Dr. Chitra Reddy’s debut book, launched globally by Beeja House

Do you feel a void in your heart even when life seems to be going in the right direction? The emptiness that echoes in your heart and reflects in your eyes? If yes, then add Dr. Chitra’s ‘Reboot. Reinvent. Recharge.’ on your bookshelf.

The book ‘Reboot. Reinvent. Recharge.’ talks about changing perspective and approaching life with an altogether new outlook. At some point in life, we have all been lost amidst the conundrum and maze life throws at us. We find our minds puzzled even when the path we are walking on is straight and steady. Be it our professional life, love life, relationships, or even the connection with ourselves, we feel incomplete. Perhaps, this is what life is after all!

Being a practising Obstetrician, Gynaecologist, IVF & Infertility Specialist with over three decades of experience in the field, Dr Chitra Reddy has dealt with people from all walks of life. This, therefore, has helped her write her nuanced experiences on topics ranging from love to envy, success to despair in the form of her book. Her life’s journey has resulted in her gathering some simple nuggets of wisdom on finding the path to happiness, living a life less complicated, and finding contentment in everyday life.

Some years before, on a flight to Mexico, she chanced upon meeting a businessman who owned a winery in France. During her long flight, he parted withsome wonderful advice that changed the course of her life. He said, “Almost all of us make business our life. What we forget to do is make life our business. At the end of each year, we spend days chalking up our assets and our liabilities, our profits, expenses and losses, our investments, stocks, and shares until we have everything neatly balanced. We begin another year by planning our goals for the future, our short- and long-term investments, and how much money we’d like to make. We have a fairly clear idea of where we stand. But why don’t we do that with our lives?” And this stayed with her.

Her perpetual introspection and indulgence in life’s messages implored her to have an insight into latent human reasonings and emotions and helped her create a perspective to look at things differently. With her book, she aims to guide moms whose children have flown the nest, a lover with a broken relationship or even someone in a relationship but not quite sure if things are as they should be, a person feeling disgruntled with husband/wife/children/boss/in-laws, or just someone looking to make his or her life more meaningful?

Geetika Saigal, Founder & CEO of Beeja House (, nails it with her one thought that goes, “This is one doctor’s prescription that you will love to follow. Essential, inspirational, doable.”

With ‘Reboot. Reinvent. Recharge.’ approach life differently and learn the art of happiness without expecting everything and everyone around you to change.

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