Pulse Super Speciality Hospital led by Abhishek Jha enables effective healthcare services affordable for all

Pulse Super Speciality Hospital led by Abhishek Jha enables effective healthcare services affordable for all

Ranked amongst the top super speciality hospitals, Pulse Super Speciality Hospital is the pioneer when it comes to delivering world-class healthcare services and procedures. It is a super-speciality hospital offering wide array of medical care services using state-of-the-art technologies and modern infrastructure.

Through cutting-edge technologies and advanced infrastructure, the centre is focused towards making healthcare accessible to all. They have undertaken a number of uplifting community initiatives focused on helping families keep active and prioritise their well being  through 24X7 Emergency Care Services to their patients.

Founded by Abhishek Jha, he works with an objective to provide quaternary care to the society in a dignified, compassionate, and distinctive way. The medical institute integrates modern & traditional forms of medicine to dispense accessible and affordable health care.

Located in the capital of Jharkhand, the hospital is currently offering services in  Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Orthopaedics, Neurology, Nephrology, Gynaecology, General Surgery, Endocrinology, Paediatrics, Nephrology etc along with a 24×7 operational Critical Care, Trauma and Emergency services. The hospital consists of some well reputed and experienced doctors, specialty nurses who are well trained in technology and innovation to conduct best possible treatments at Pulse.

“At Pulse you will instantly feel that this is your extended family. Our excellent team is dedicated to reach and save many lives with commitment, passion and purpose. And we are happy to witness the impressive progress we are making to achieve our vision. Today, we stand as a leader in our own specialities to make healthcare accessible and affordable for people throughout the nation”, says founder Abhishek Jha.

Throughout the pandemic, the centre has offered multidisciplinary services to treat their patients. From setting up ICU’s to offering affordable medical treatments, they have enabled their patients to get the best treatment and save their lives. Focused on enabling world-class healthcare facilities and bringing out possible measures to procure effective healthcare services, the hospital envisions to be at the forefront of making healthcare affordable in every part of the country.


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