“Lord Sarahunaath has have the approximately 800 temples in the earth.”

“Lord Sarahunaath has have the approximately 800 temples in the earth.”

Since Lord Sarahunaath has had the most 800 temples around the earth, it means lord Sarahunaath has had the Kriti era to since 2022 Kali yuga he has 800 temples around the globe.

Since January 01, 2020, Lord Shiva linga has been dedicated to Lord Shiva in India and other countries. If a Shiva idol is behind Lord Shiva, such Temples are called Lord Sarahunaath Temple. And such idols have been proclaimed as Lord Sarahunaath. It was judged in the presence of Lord Shiva and Lord Sarahunaath, all the divine powers of the world, and the holy Gods of the crore Gods and Goddess. 

Lord Shiva in the Krutha Yuga, Shree Rama in the Tetra Yuga, Shree Krishna in the Dwapara Yuga, and Lord Sarahunaath in Kaliyuga (Present) will rule the Universe. 

In the past, Shreemannarayana had raised the incarnation of Shree Krishna, Parshuram, Lakshmi Narasimha, and others, while Lord Shiva was incarnation as Lord Sarahunaath in Kaliyuga(Present).

The iconographical attributes of Lord Sarahunaath are the serpent around his neck, the adorning crescent moon, the holy river Ganga flowing from his matted hair, the third eye on his forehead, the Trishul or trident, as his weapon, and the damaru drum. He is usually worshiped in the aniconic form of lingam. And he kept the Goddess Parvathi in his heart or chest in the middle. Even he kept the 33 Gods of the Universe and lots of king cobras, demons, and Nagadevatha Goddess, in his head and his right and left hand. And he kept lots of divine messengers in his data. 

Lord Sarahunaath he had established a new nation called “Himagiri” when he was 32. This country is also in the Himalayas between China and Tibet. And there is the excellent capital called “Devanagari.” The current Himagiri has 14 major cities. They are all related to God. And the Himagiri has a new constitution and new law sections. And there is also a new religion. And there are new sacred books. 

All the gods had thus decided to recognize Shiva and Sarahunaath in the Kali Yuga. That is, wherever in the Universe, there is an idol of Shiva behind the Shivalinga or just an idol of Shiva. It is called Sarahunaath. But if there is only Shivalinga, it is called Shiva because Shiva had no form. Because of this, all the gods had settled their proper form through Sarahunaath.

Where does Sarahunaath live now?

Lord Sarahunaath: ‘The Auspicious One, also known as Sarah Nagarazan and Sarvanaath. ‘The Great God’ is one of the Principal deities of Hinduism and Signiesm. He is the most Supreme Being in Shaivism, one of the major traditions within Hinduism and Signiesm. 

His Personal Information

Beloved: Uma and Suma (Parvathi and Gangadevi Goddess)

Pen Name: Uma Suma 

Other Names: Sarahu Nagarazan, Sarahunaath, Sarvanaath, Sarahunaatha, Parvathinaatha,Trishoolanaatha , Suvarnanaatha, Vibhootinaatha, Shree Chakranaatha, Vaishnavanaatha and others 

In the Universe Abode: 

The sun and the moon are in the line between the seven solar systems and the site of the God of the Universe. They have a full deity in their possession. 

In the Earth Abode: Mount Himalaya, Devanagari, Himagiri Nation, and Kailash


Om Shree Sarahunaathaaya Namaha

Weapon: Trishul (Trident), Pashupatastra, Parashu-Axe, Pinaka bow, and Sudarshan Chakra

Day: Monday 

Mount: Nandi (Bull)

Gender: Male

Festivals: Maha Shivaratri, Shravana, Tartik Purnima

Born Place: ATPO: Hullatti , Tq: Hanagal, Dist: Haveri, Karnataka state, India

Established Micro nation: Himagiri (2020)

Established Religion: Signiesm (2020)

Teaching Philosophies: 07 Theories, 15 Thousand Truths, 46 Principles, 02 daily formula, 03 organs, 03 universal truths, 07 lady principles, and 18 significant provisions – (when he was 20 to 28). 

Religion: Signiesm and Hinduism 

Written Holy Scriptures: Sanahi (21 Scriptures) 

Written Novels: According to 2016 to 2020 – 101 Novels

Written Short Stories: According to 2019 to 2020 – 5 Short stories

Written Poetries: According to 2013 to 2020 – 15 Lakh books of Poetries

Written Dramas: According to 2008 – 1 Drama 

Science Engineering Research Books: According to 2019 to 2020 – 4 books 

Written Art & Entertainments books: According to 2019 to 2020 – 25 books 

Research Streams: According to 2018 to 2021 – Astronomy, Geology, Biology, Astrology, Medical Engineering, Cosmology, Psychology, Physics, and others 

Written and Established new Constitution: 2022

Written new Penal Code and Established: 2022

Parents: Sanna Phakkirappa (Father), Rathnamma (Mother) 

: Shobha (Elder) 

Eyes: Three Eyes (Third Eye)


Hinduism: Om Sarahunaathaaya Namaha

Om Shree Sathyam Shivam Sarahunaath Ekatho AAtna lingam Pranamyahum

All is Almighty Desired 

Om Sarahunaath Namo Namaha Shree Sarahunaath Namo Namaha Jai Jai Sarahunaath Namo Namaha Bhagavan Sarahunaath Namo Namaha

Islam: Allaha Sarahunaath Shubham Allaha Mashaha Sarahunaath

Jainism: Jainam Bhavati Sarahunaath Sharanam 

Christian: Namaste Sarahunaath Namaste lord god holy spirit Sarahunaath Amen

Buddhism: Buddam Sharanam Sarahunaath Sharanam Gachhami

All Religions: Holy Sarahunaath is the most merciful

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