Kanishk Mehta, TURFF Coffee’s founder takes Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji through brand’s journey

Kanishk Mehta, TURFF Coffee’s founder takes Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji through brand’s journey

The beans, the freshness of the roast and the right brewing techniques plays an integral role in giving the coffee a heavenly taste. The quality of coffee is everything and there are many brands that bring the finest of coffees from around. One such brand that introduces people to the most tempting flavoured coffee is TURFF Coffee. The premium coffee that the brand sells gives the palate a pleasant tanginess, has rich characteristics and gives a powerful aroma that enhances the greatness of a cup of coffee. The D2C brand is based in Nagpur and not only sells coffee but also celebrates the togetherness of coffee, charisma and characters. They sell beyond just coffee.

 The founder and CEO of TURFF Coffee Mr Kanishk Mehta is a caffeinated expert officer who with his vibrant thinking and entrepreneurial mindset launched the company. He brought coffee that is not only of the finest quality but is made with life-altering advanced culinary technology. As a result of the success of the visionary enterprise, Kanishk Mehta at a very young age got the opportunity to meet the Roadways and Transport Minister of India, Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji. During his meeting with the minister, he got to present every aim and objective that has been behind TURFF Coffee.

While giving Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji a walk through the brand, Kanishk Mehta told him about the idea behind the inception of TURFF Coffee, challenges that the team faced so far, the solutions everyone brought to the table, the learnings, the existing products and the future plans as well. Within these few months of the establishment of the brand, TURFF Coffee has brought a few of the selective options of ready-to-drink coffee that are preferred by people of all ages. The first five instant coffees that TURFF Coffee introduced were 1930’s Blend Classic, Viva La Vanilla, Knock Out Mocha, Shot of Heaven Espresso, and Nutty Affair Hazelnut. The Independent Irish, TURFF Coffee’s sixth flavour, was then introduced on the occasion of Ireland’s 75th Independence Day. Each of the brand’s products is made with 100% natural ingredients and is sugar-free as well.

While talking about his brand and his meeting with Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji, Kanishk Mehta says, “At TURFF we strive to make coffees that not only give flavorful taste in every sip but also have added benefits like high antioxidants, instant energy booster, low calorific value, rich aroma and long shelf life. In the entire process, we neither use any sugar or chicory nor any added additives. We make sure that our bold-cutting coffees are what everyone needs and these coffees will suit each of their moods. I would say my tireless striving truly paid off when I got the opportunity to meet up with Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji. That experience was and will be one of the most memorable ones in my life. It was indeed an honour. In the near future as well I want to keep on working with the same zeal and eventually hit many more milestones.”

TURFF is a brand that delivers the highest-quality coffee right to its customers’ doorsteps and is held together by being grounded and following all ethics. Coffee has been the lifeline for generations, and TURFF Coffee ensures that it lasts longer by leading the Indian market’s transition to ‘premium instant coffee cups.’ They are developing a strategy to open India to the world rather than the other way around at the same time.  Kanishk Mehta and the team are working round the clock each day to make the brand touch even new horizons of success. In the upcoming time, they plan on introducing more coffee flavours to the market.


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