iYaatra Holidays – A vast world awaits you to explore.

<strong>iYaatra Holidays – A vast world awaits you to explore.</strong>

Are you a globetrotter but still looking for the ideal holiday planner that can give you the best travel information?  

Want accurate information, the finest hotel recommendations based on your needs, transfers, flights, etc., in a matter of seconds? Search iYaatra. 

Who are they?

One of the most tourist-friendly travel company, iYaatra Holidays, can provide exceptional trip opportunities. iYaatra is one of the distinguished travel companies in Noida, Uttar Pradesh acing since 2019. It operates in 9 different consumer markets – India, Thailand, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Indonesia and Hong Kong. A new player redefining travel experience by delivering 100% transparency.

Every day, iYaatra strives to grow and become a better version of itself. Starting from travelling services, hotel booking, tour packages, passport & visa services, iYaatra provides it all.

Unique Selling Proposition

Despite the A1 services offered by iYaatra, its most distinctive feature that sets it apart from all other travel websites is that it creates customised packages for each of its clients. The quotations given by iYaatra are crystal clear. Here, all hotel names are mentioned clearly and reservations are only accepted once availability check is done. A cash-back guarantee supports it. They offer the “Book Now, Pay Later” feature. At the location, they have members of their own team that go by the name of Smile Buddy. They are there to make sure that the tourist is never left alone and tourists can always get immediate assistance by calling. If necessary, the Smile Buddy who is already at the location can also be there in person. “Safe, Memorable, Incredible, Limitless, Experience” is the full form of Smile.

According to the customers’ requested price, place and availability, it offers one perfect suggestion.


Technology advancement is iYaatra’s key area of concentration. Technology advancements can be made by adjusting to the standards of the day, such as automating WhatsApp, posting content on social networking sites with a sizable following, etc.

Core Team

The highly competent Founder and Director of iYaatra Holidays & Quicky Foods LLP is Aishwarya Ranjan. He had worked for CampK12.com as the Sr. Business Manager. Additionally, he has held the positions of Sr. Manager at Vaidam.com and Assistant Manager at TravelTriangle.com. He has experienced working with several businesses and is very knowledgeable about what is needed to grow a startup into a major corporation.

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of iYaatra Holidays, Pritish Majumdar, is a certified skill manager, relationship manager and sales oriented individual. He is also the Co-Founder & Director at Quicky Foods LLP and has served as the Assistant Restaurant Manager and Supervisor at Hyatt Regency, Delhi. He possesses leadership qualities and excels in travel guidance, client relations, revenue increment, operations management and restaurant operations. 

Owais Khan, Co-founder & Partner at iYaatra Holidays is a constant & active learner and investor. He is the Founder & Director of PaperBridge Solutions and has also contributed as the Assistant Manager of Operations at SingleInterface. He does exceptionally well in the areas of teamwork, research, marketing and technology.

Along with their outstanding expertise in the travel and tourism industry, iYaatra shines in a number of areas relating to travel, which makes them worthwhile and practical. With employees deployed in the office as well as the destination, iYaatra has guaranteed outstanding services to clients and will continue to do so. Thus, the ideal one-stop solution for all travel-related services is iYaatra.

Link: https://iyaatra.com/


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