Is Hair a Liability? Why Do Doctors and Nurses Need a Saviour Headband? Sashafé – A Boutique Brand

Is Hair a Liability? Why Do Doctors and Nurses Need a Saviour Headband? Sashafé – A Boutique Brand

“Hair, is it a serious liability? We (usually) don’t think about it as a fomite, or a material likely to carry Infection”, the founder of Sashafé – Dr. Sana Farista from Bandra, Mumbai said over a recent phone call with Hindustan Metro – “but as a threat of the disease has ramped up, so has the need for increased safety precaution”.

She saw a post on Instagram posted by a nurse wearing a head cap for 13 hours covering the head of the crown, which gives her the red mark. She adds – “Our headband is made of the same fabric as our scrubs, organically made with keeping movement in mind making it machine washable, a necessity.”   

“Normally my hair is down but when I go to work, my hair is in a ponytail, braid or bun and topped with a wide headband. Now I can get my patronymic printed on my headband and use it. It’s awesome!” Sashafé saviour headbands has helped patients and staff recognize her despite the layers of protective wear obscuring her features.

Dr. Sunil Patel, Cardiologist says – “Now a days most of the men I know shave their beard and heads, Sashafé provide saviour headband option for male doctors who wants to have long hair but cannot keep because of the profession” 

“Many doctors and nurses are going a step further and wearing surgical caps to prevent the potentially dangerous risk of leaving hair exposed. Initially, they weren’t part of our PPE but when we are doing invasive procedures, like intubations, surgeries or we are in the room for a long period of time and there’s emergencies, such as cardiac arrest and we have to do CPR – there’s droplets in the air can land on our hair”. However, they are not the best”, he admits. Long hair or banks are especially hard to keep inside what is essentially an elastic shower cap. A headband he says helps secure the cap in place.                                                         

The Brand Sashafé donated l00s of their savior headbands to hospital. The Sashafé founder says – “We are again starting the donation drive for the different hospitals, planning to manufacture more stretchy savior headbands out of left-over fabric scrub material if and when its supply runs low. We are reaching out to the community hospitals which are often not as well equipped as larger branches to donate batches of headbands.”

Savior Headbands are available in an array of mood boosting colours and have put a smile on so many women’s faces. Moreover, they have got – Ear Protection Button Savior Headband to prevent the ear pain from the mask ear loops.

As the headbands are made of scrub material which are scientifically tested and proven, so the protective headbands are functional and durable at the same time.

Dr. Shanin Farista – Co-founder, emphasizes that face masks are still the number one priority and hence the savior headband is nevertheless a growing need. She adds pointing out that – “It’s not just a concern for those who find themselves inside the hospital. Maybe it means we should all have our hair pulled back when we walk around”. But for now, she says – “The easiest thing to do is wear a headband”.                               

She ends – “Sashafé Savior Headbands just not bring safety, comfort and convenience but also gets you fewer distractions and keeps the sweat at bay. This moisture wicking fabric keeps your head cool and dry. Turn your bad hair day into a pro day. Get ready for the compliments – Make A Statement Without Saying A Word. It’s primal. We can’t explain why. Just put on a headband and you’ll know what we’re talking about”. 


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