GoHigh Smart-India’s most loved intelligent home lighting brand 

GoHigh Smart-India’s most loved intelligent home lighting brand 

Started by Akshay Jain and Roshan Jain in 2021, GoHigh Smart is in the consumer electronics IoT industry of lighting under intelligent home ecosystems. 

Soon after completing his BBA from Bangalore’s CMS Jain University, Akshay wanted to become a tech entrepreneur even though he didn’t have a background in tech. His passion for smart home tech started when one of his friends introduced him to the concept of smart homes. He loved the industry and decided to go into the particular lighting segment as it is popular among today’s youth of the 18 to 35 age group.

Akshay saw the opportunity in the smart home lighting ecosystem market, where there were more than 50 million households with an active Wi-Fi connection. These houses checked all the boxes for potential users of smart home tech, and since lighting is something with which one starts his day and ends his day, Akshay decided to build something in this space.

Initially starting with a thousand pieces of strip lights for testing the markets, Akshay built an E-commerce website and took care of customer support personally to understand the broad customer perspective of his early customers and the gap that could be catered to here. He observed that people aged 18 to 35 need excellent products to make them stand out. On top of that, he studied the success of lighting brands in the USA and the adoption of the technology among the masses.

GoHigh dream RGB Smart Strip lights were the company’s first product launched in August 2020. It had terrific features like Wi-Fi-enabled tech, up to 1.5 crore colours, and seamless pairing with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. GoHigh Dream lights could be controlled from any part of the world. GoHigh has a vision of creating an ecosystem with plug-and-play technology without having a high-cost infrastructure for smart homes. This is going to revolutionize the household ecosystem like never before.

After achieving product market fit with their first product, GoHigh is now focussing on creating an ecosystem of Smart products controlled by a mobile app and virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. They aim towards independent product ranges where customers don’t need anyone to install these products. Plug and Play Technology. They have launched multiple products since launches, like GoHigh Strip lights and GoHigh Sound Bars, and have more innovative products in the pipeline. 

In 2022 GoHigh Smart launched its mobile application on the Play store and App Store. Their app provides seamless connection and control over all their products simply with the help of a touch on the mobile phone. 

Competing with big players like Philips, GoHigh is working on making average households excellent for the young generation. They are working alongside many manufacturing companies to produce intelligent chips and products. They cater to mid-range families without compromising quality, whereas other brands’ products are priced 4x – 5x of what GoHigh is charging. It creates a seamless ecosystem of innovative home products that becomes a part of your daily life and feels like nothing. Their products are priced between Rs. 2500 to Rs.7000. They aim to be market leaders in the coming years in the Smart home ecosystem. Targeting the Indian youth with an interest in gaming, music, YouTubing, editing, and household aesthetics, GoHigh is a brand for people with passion.

You can check out their unboxing videos on YouTube and their website at www.gohigh.co.in


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