Founder of two companies at Twenty Six, Neel Varma, making it big at Twenty Six!

Founder of two companies at Twenty Six, Neel Varma, making it big at Twenty Six!

To have a purpose in life is beautiful, but to actually follow it is something phenomenal. Life just passes by most people, and at twenty-five, the existential crisis hits, and then crippling fear to move out of the comfort zone, we all could surely learn a tad bit about living your life on your own terms from Neel. Meet Neel Varma, an enthusiastic entrepreneur. At 26, he’s the founder of two companies. Only time can tell what he would have established in another twenty-five. Let’s learn his story.

Neel is passionate about the internet and media. Merging both of his interests, he launches two of his brain babies. He founded the Gkfmtech LLP Company and Garrebo ka filmmaker. In Gkftmtec, he helps clients to land the website of their dreams. It is very crucial to have a great website. It’s equivalent to your virtual storefront. If it isn’t appealing enough, people will just log on to another website and head to spend their money on another business. Why lose your potential customer just because they didn’t even know your business existed. This is precisely why you’re in need of their website development and SEO optimization services. Gkfmtech is one of the best website & app development companies you can find, with the added trust of having served 5000 clients from India, Dubai & the US.

It is through Gkfmtech he creates happiness and makes dreams come true. They provide the best services at the most affordable rates possible. Every client they have worked with has something positive to say about them. When we asked Neel what he likes most about Website development, this is what he had to say, “I’ll agree with you that website development sounds quite boring and monotonous but, honestly speaking, the excitement to see their ideas come to life with our effort is truly something else”.

Apart from that, to scratch the itch of his passion for film, he founded Gareebo ka filmmaker, a YouTube Channel with over 2.5 Lakh subscribers. It is essentially a film production company that, yes, you guessed it, produces excellent quality content at the most affordable prices. Their content is worth the watch. He is not only fulfilling his dream of being into the film but also up incoming actors and people who just don’t have the capital to invest. He adds, “Films don’t always have to be super luxurious, with a little bit of talent and skill. Anything is possible within a tight budget”.

Neel is a busy man, he is ideating and executing all the time, and for this, he takes the help of his loyal right-hand man, Sharukh Shaikh, his manager who manages all of his companies. Their coordination and team effort really show in the work that the companies keep pumping out.

They keep putting out videos on their channel and, on the other side, are currently working with more than 100 agencies. More than a hundred agencies have placed trust in them to work for their website and apps. If they can, so can you! 

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