Elance Personal Finance Summit

Elance Personal Finance Summit

A start for a Personal Finance Revolution
There are three kinds of people, said Mr. VK Vijayakumar during the keynote address of Elance Personal Finance Summit. ‘Those who make things happen, those who watch others make things happen and simply those who have no idea of what happens at all’.
Happening for the first time ever in Malabar, and with the aim of urging others to take accountability in managing their personal financial matters, the Elance Personal Finance Summit was a tremendous success.

As part of the organisation’s initiative ‘HiFi’, or ‘Say Hi to Financial Literacy’, the event Elance Personal Finance Summit was a head-turner, considering it’s the first time such an event is being arranged. The gathering of big names in the Indian financial industry were in attendance at the event, which was an attraction in itself. The launch of an innovative and original initiative, ‘Finquest – The Finance Workbook’, was also done at the event, which is a project to facilitate financial learning in kids from a young age itself.

Organised at KPM Tripenta Hotel in Kozhikode, the summit was an eye-opener for many to realise why personal financial management is an inevitable factor in daily life. The Personal Finance Summit was an event like no other, which served as a forum that let finance enthusiasts explore multiple personal finance-related areas and experience the developments happening in the current finance industry. Topics from insurance to retirement, as well as many others like mutual funds, debt management, financial planning, real estate and investment, etc., were in discussion during the event. The panel of speakers was an ensemble of eminent personalities like VK Vijayakumar, Uthara Ramakrishnan, Nikhil KG, KA Babu, Jiz P Kottukappally, Sanjeev Kumar G, Jeevan Kumar KC, Harikrishnan (Mallu Realtor) etc.

In short, the event helped many people grasp a basic insight into the master plans that need to be executed from early life till retirement and make the most out of it. Also, the event is going to be a starting point for many revolutions that are going to happen in the personal finance industry.


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