Earthy Tweens Launches Its Latest ‘Summer Bloom Collection’ Showcasing Sustainable Style For Kids

Earthy Tweens Launches Its Latest ‘Summer Bloom Collection’ Showcasing Sustainable Style For Kids

Earthy Tweens, a renowned eco-friendly lifestyle brand specialising in sustainable clothes and toys for children, announced the launch of its highly anticipated ‘Summer Bloom Collection’. This latest collection encompasses the brand’s core values of sustainability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal, offering a range of vibrant-coloured and eco-friendly clothes that combine whimsical prints with functionality.

The collection stands out with its commitment to curating, designing, and manufacturing its products. By maintaining complete control over the production process, Earthy Tweens ensures the highest quality standards and reinforces its dedication to environmentally conscious practices. The collection also strongly emphasises functionality and comfort, allowing kids to freely explore and engage in everyday adventures. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to prioritise ease of movement, durability, and versatility, enabling children to embrace imaginative play while looking stylish.

“We are delighted to unveil our latest Summer Bloom Collection, showcasing our dedication to sustainable fashion for children. Our in-house curation, design, and manufacturing process allow us to create eco-friendly products that meet our high-quality standards and incorporate the vibrant spirit of childhood. The collection combines the beauty of nature-inspired prints with the comfort required for active youngsters. We are thrilled to provide parents with a stylish and sustainable option, allowing them to impact the environment while dressing their little ones positively,” said Mr. Nishant Kumar, CEO, Earthy Tweens.

This collection features a captivating array of vibrant colours brought to life through eco-friendly dyes and materials. Earthy Tweens’ meticulous selection of sustainable fabrics ensures that each garment is gentle on the skin of kids and leaves a minimal ecological footprint. The whimsical prints, inspired by shapes, sceneries, stripes, etc., add a touch of playfulness to the designs, captivating young hearts and fostering a connection with the natural world.

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