Dr Pratibha Jawda was born in a small village in the state of Rajasthan in Khour district Pali. Father’s name is Late Shri Jeevraj Jawda, and Mother’s name is Late Smt. Gyanlata Jawda. Father was Stationation Master in Railways, and Mother was a learned and spiritual woman. They are five sisters. She is the youngest. She was educated up to 12th in a government school in Khoud village District Pali Rajasthan India. She has obtained his post-graduation in three subjects History, Sociology and Psychology. Took higher education as a volunteer. She has completed B.Ed from Rajasthan University Jaipur. She has submitted her PhD in Psychology from Jai Narayan University. Since childhood, she received her education, initiation and spiritual knowledge from her spiritual Guru Sri Sri 1008 Sri Anand Muni Ji Maharaj Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir Ashram Marwar junction District Pali Rajasthan state India. On 12 December 2002, she was married to Medical Officer Dr Rupendra Kumar Chauhan (Ajmer). She has two sons, Divyansh Chauhan and Ritvik Chauhan.

She is an International social activist.

She is Hindi poetess and writer.

She is the Founder of HP Education and welfare society Rajasthan India. Founder of I’m Empower Women, Director VT Industrial Training Institute Rajasthan India District co-ordinator of the anti-corruption foundation of India, Board member of the empire of Madani NGO Canada Member of the administration council of the moment international news, Global peace and humanity ambassador Iqra foundation of India, Member of the Greets you’ Switzerland, Rajasthan State co-ordinator of Women empowerment campaign of AAM ADMI Political party India.

The most inspiring women of India award-winning 2021 Naari Shakti Samman 2021, Iconic personality award-winning, Corona worrier award-winning, Inspirational speaker award-winning.

Achieve many more workshops and seminar certificates.

Honorary doctorate degree awarded in art and culture and human rights by Algeria

International Sant Kabir Award 2022

Most inspiring women of the earth 2022

Part of the Golden book of the Earth Records.

Esteem speaker RKDx Quotes

Lifetime member RKDx Talk

Council Member of Jewellery and Gems council


Samaj Gaurav ratn award 2022 awarded by Acharya Garib Sahib Sansthan

Our society and country need a girl’s education because if a girl is educated, then she will progress in her own family, society and country, and an educated girl can help build a healthy family. An educated girl will educate her future generation and provide the right knowledge and guidance, and build a healthy and clean country.

As a direct example of this, my father himself had five daughters, and he provided education to all five. If I had not been educated, I would never have reached here today, so I am grateful to my father. I request all those parents that you should make your daughters study and pursue them. If she progresses, then I have full faith that she will illuminate the name of your family, your society and your country.


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