Dr Paras Launches Mindfulness Practitioner®© App, Read How It Will Change Outlook Towards Therapy!

Dr Paras Launches Mindfulness Practitioner®© App, Read How It Will Change Outlook Towards Therapy!

We all know how important our mental health is, if we keep our mental state in well-being our rest of the body works fine. Though, it is not a secret that a lot of people suffer through mental stress and if not guided by proper healing techniques and meditative therapy the consequences can be dire. 

It was in 2018 when Dr Paras was in San Francisco – California USA had a vision that he should do something for the welfare of the people of India. Although this may sound not-so-entrepreneurial, this led to the establishment of Mindfulness Practitioner.

Mindfulness Practitioner® is an application launched by Dr Paras containing guided meditative and healing audio files that talk on various topics and are meant to be light in your dark times. The audio files are recorded by Dr Paras himself and talks about various topics that includes Self-love, Overcoming Anxiety, Attracting Wealth, Peer Pressure, and various other subjects. He also talks about different aspects of life of how one can live a life that has peace, calmness, positivity, and success. 

It is not every day that one comes across people like Dr. Paras who does not care about what profit he makes through his application or how much wealth he can accumulate. When Dr Paras was asked about how and why he planned to launch the app, he said, “Honestly, there are a lot of applications across that offer meditative therapy or consultancy, but they charge a lot. And middle class or a normal person cannot afford that, so I started working on Mindfulness Practitioner®© with the sole aim of accessibility i.e., it was to be made accessible to people of every stratum across the globe at very nominal prices.”

With the launch of Mindfulness Practitioner®©, meditative therapy and rejuvenating will see a revolution. Currently all these applications claim to provide meditative therapy at 8,000-10,000 per year and most of these are foreign based applications that provide the same content at very huge prices. But with Mindfulness Practitioner the meditative therapies will not be so expensive. The monthly subscription cost is 2.4$ that is around 150 INR a month and yearly subscription is 15$ that is around 1200 INR annually and once you register you get 5 free audio files and if you like you can further opt for monthly or yearly subscription. The membership comes with various benefits such as.

  • Access to 120 Audio files
  • Access to premium content 
  • Access to upcoming video files
  • Unlimited Streaming

And a lot more.

The audio files have gone under supervision of 11 hours that comes to a total of 1320 hours by Dr Paras and his team of experienced professionals. The huge prices of these applications made it difficult for students, working class and others to get meditative therapy but with Mindful Practitioner®© wide arena of people would get the benefit and could take help from it.

The application has already launched in its Beta Phase and the results are tremendous. The users have seen benefits just within a few weeks and they now recommend it to their acquaintances, friends, and family. With excellent results and output. This Indian application has already started changing the outlook of people towards therapy via guided meditation and healing. 

Dr Paras wanted to contribute his share in the Make in India campaign, and he could not think of a better way to do it apart from making something in India, for Indians and by an Indian. He is the man behind the Matrix and is a highly qualified professional. He is a PhD in Management with more than 42 International certifications. Following his journey to the application establishment he had his own share of things. In his early days he himself went through anxiety and mental health problems and he says, “It is a demon and is inside us. We know it is there we just cannot see it. It is easy to deal with an enemy who is visible, we know what we are fighting with but when it comes to mental health, stress, or depression we do not know what demons we are fighting with.”

Simple meditation can change lives. The healing process, the emotional and mental recovery is what Dr Paras envisions with his application. From Anger Issues to Anxiety, Suicidal Thoughts, Stress, Fear, Guilt, and Regret. Mindfulness Practitioner has audio files— the guiding spirits for everyone and anyone. The tone, the voice, the music, and the pattern everything here plays an important role and has a great impact on the conscious and unconscious part of our brain. 

Dr Paras is a life leadership coach, entrepreneur, corporate coach, and a mentor. He has helped people heal and he believes in holistic healing. The application will not only heal and help people but also give them clarity about life and make peace with their lives. 

In 120 audio files he shares his knowledge with people, where he has talked about life, and everything related to it. Currently available only in English, he is looking to expand in multiple languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali etc.

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