Delberto raises an undisclosed amount from Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. Founded by Prateek and Pragya young entrepreneurs. 

Delberto raises an undisclosed amount from Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. Founded by Prateek and Pragya young entrepreneurs. 

If you are in a dilemma of whether to invest your time and energy in entrepreneurship without any investment then Delberto is the appropriate and promising platform for you to commence your journey.

About Delberto  

Delberto e-commerce Pvt. limited is a reputed business venture which is promoted and founded by Prateek Ojha. It also raised an undisclosed amount from Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd. which is being used in marketing on various other platforms. Delberto e-commerce Pvt. Ltd. provides a wonderful opportunity to housewives, students, common persons, and anyone interested in being an entrepreneur but unclear about the medium of commencement and guidance so that they can begin their journey smoothly.It focusses on women empowerment and hence promoting female entrepreneur. It has appointed close to 5000+ female marketer, mentioned Pragya Singh Co-Founder Delberto Ecommerce Pvt. Ltd.

In Delberto, any person can start his or her journey of being an entrepreneur by owning a social commerce website in just five minutes. All with just a few clicks and swipes. 

A user can choose to have more than 50,000 products listed on-site and set a margin based on his or her market segments. Thereafter doing this they can promote the same products through various social media platforms and can generate orders to earn a margin. There are no complications and technicalities of logistics tie-up, inventory, etc.— making it hustle-free and smooth for the users.

Delberto takes care of each and everything. All you need is a smartphone to start. Delberto will provide this opportunity to the masses by spending majorly on advertisements. Prateek Ojha, the CEO of Delberto , is an electronic engineer by degree and an IIM graduate. The motive behind starting such a venture is very inspiring to all. 

As we are very well familiar with the fact that India has numerous ambitious and skilled persons including many aspiring entrepreneurs. Now many more women are also coming forward in this sector breaking down the stereotypes. Delberto is always ready to help such aspiring people especially women who don’t get the right opportunity, path, and platform. It is also helping unemployed people to earn money and financial freedom. Prateek has also mentioned that they provide a SAAS-based platform that resolves all the complexities of becoming an entrepreneur. 


How the team help the customers has been explained by the CEO below-

Q. Is it possible to start a business with Zero investment? 

Ans: Yes with Delberto you can start business without having to invest in technology or stock. Our platform is meant for the same so that you start your online store with lakhs of product instantly and start earning instantly.

Q. Is it possible to start a business in no time?

Ans. It takes just 15 minutes for the store to get live. So, yes it is possible to start business in no time.

Q. Is it possible to start a business without worrying for the product? 

Ans: We operate on just in time inventory model. As soon as the order comes the same is placed and we start the fulfillment. So you don’t need to keep any stock. Hence, you don’t have to worry about it.

Q. Is it possible to get a website without spending a single rupees? 

Ans. Yes you can either have your own domain or create a subdomain listing all your products from the catalogue and start selling. 

Q. What do we need to have to start a business? 

Ans. As a marketer you just need to have a domain name or use sub domain of delberto, passion and dedicate your time to promote and list the products from catalogue on your website along with the price at which I want to sell. 

Q. How can promote their business with Delberto? 

Ans. Use the power of social media to promote your products in your circle and outside. We provide you with an app from where you can promote your product on social media and through messaging platform like WhatsApp.

Prateek said, “I am pleased to inform you that Delberto E-Commerce Pvt.Ltd. has achieved its first milestone with BCCL as an investor on board.” 

Now, with zero inventory and zero investment a person is set to start using the power of social commerce and promote using specialized social commerce tools provided by Delberto. There is no limit on earning. It provides a credible opportunity to anyone who is fascinated about marketing, entrepreneurship and earning. If you are thinking to start your business with zero investment and zero inventory then go for it. Because, now it ia possible.

This venture will surpass all your expectations. Just pick your smartphone up along with self-belief and enthusiasm and you are all set to move into an adventurous sector.

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