Chennai based full-stack real estate platform to connect with direct owners and builders.

Chennai based full-stack real estate platform to connect with direct owners and builders.

Real estate is one of the oldest industries, which is still unorganised, and many reforms are taking place in recent times. The introduction of policies like Rera and reduced interest rates are the most significant relief for property buyers to strike out a deal with under-construction projects. 

The advent of new policies attracted many tech players to infuse technologies and monies in many niches of the vast real estate. Proptech startups are playing a crucial role in enhancing the existing process, ease of buying, transparency and part investments like REITS in both commercial and residential segments. 

Proptech startups empower real estate buyers to make the right decision through in-depth research and help them to shortlist from the comfort of their homes. There are many property portals in existence for agents, owners and builders to display their properties. Unfortunately, these property portals merely display properties and generate enquiries and will not help the seller to complete the transaction. 

Individual sellers are looking for a full-stack solution in a busy modern lifestyle. They wish to sell the property from the comfort of the home like they enjoy a portion of food delivered at their doorstep. solves this problem in Chennai by helping the house owners to sell their properties from their homes. The service includes but is not limited to advertising the property, generating matching enquiries, assisting site visits, closing the transaction and arranging a loan for the property buyer. It’s a full-stack experience for resellers and an “ Add to cart “ experience for property buyers. 

In rental space, assists the owners to rent and manage their properties from a distance, the tailor-made solution for NRIs and owners staying far from their properties. 

Since findbhk encourages only direct owners and builders to display properties in their platform, which by design itself avoid duplicate listings, wrong commitments and brokerage charges. End-user can save a lot of brokerages and establish a direct connection with the seller. 

Utmost concern has been given to protect the privacy of the platform end-users ( real estate buyers ) to not leak their contact numbers to any advertisers other than they enquired. Unlike other real estate portals, you won’t be bombarded with hundreds of advertisers. 

To provide a complete full-stack experience, offers post-sales services for buyers like property management services, relocation and household storage solutions through third-party integrations. 

This Chennai based real estate platform served more than 150+ customers across the modules and gained momentum post covid lockdowns.


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