Benefits and  Scope  of Canada Immigration in 2022

Benefits and  Scope  of Canada Immigration in 2022

Canada immigration has been a revelation over the last few months not being typical with their inviting style. This has enforced all immigration prospects with a skeptical view over Canada immigration. Despite the pandemic and temporary travel restrictions IRCC followed a non Typical way for inviting candidates via Express Entry to apply for Canada PR visa all over the year 2021

Canada Immigration scope in 2022

In the view of the fact that Canada is the favorite immigration destination for numerous youngsters and since pandemic took over the world the Canadian immigration couldn’t function with Full-fledged effort and operating with limited resources has increased the application backlogs. 21,00O Backlogs has increased in the last 2 months and overall 1.8 Million backlogs.Canadian government looks after clearing the backlogs initially and provide a result to the prospects who already have received ITA under the Canada Express Entry, PNP Streams hence this would pave a way for the awaiting applicants in the pool to be invited in the nearer future.

The detailed view of the number of applicants in the pool:

Overall: 193,148 applicants

Provincial Nominee Program: 344

Federal Skilled Trader program: 577

Federal Skilled Worker program: 154,000

Canada Experience Class: 38,000

Keep the hopes alive in Canada Immigration is still definitely a good immigration prospect. The strong reason would be the swift processing time and well-organized express entry system. The scope of Immigration for immigrants and the jobs is on the higher note.

Plan for Immigration to Canada in 2022?

It is necessary to keep a track on Changing immigration guidelines and Norms. ICCRC has officially changed to CICC now. And from fall 2022 TEER replaces NOC. Hence we get regular updates. It is necessary to Choose/hire an IRCC Authorized representative like GreenTree immigration one of the best Immigration consultants in India. The risk being transferred on our shoulders you can sit back and relax with your Canadian immigration dream. Errors and rejections can drain one’s Time, Energy, Money and Effort. Rejections can earn a ban up-to 5 years Errors can cause undefined delay on your application Result.

Have a plan B:

Although the application being submitted with best knowledge The Nomination or the selection depends on the score one’s profile has achieved. IRCC has a pre-defined points based system to nominate an application. Canada CRS Score is the nomination factor higher the score faster the nomination and Process would cruise forward. Hence achieve the highest possible score would be am head stat. although the fist 600 points is based on one’s ability. The plan B would be the options to explore your PNP possibilities. Every province in Canada has their own requirements it is necessary that we meet a prProfile’s would be boosted by 600 Points. Now that’s a jaw dropping strategy to make a plan B.

Being an authorized IRCC representative GreenTree Immigration has the highest success rate to the immigration prospects to attain their PR visa. You can refer to our website for your queries to be addressed. Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore prospects can Reach us at our physical location directly.


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