B2B Sales & Distribution Company, Hoisst helps Businesses generate more Sales

<strong>B2B Sales & Distribution Company, Hoisst helps Businesses generate more Sales</strong>

B2B manufacturers often struggle to meet their sales goals for reasons like longer sales cycles, high competition, insufficiency of high-quality leads, etc. At Hoisst, a comprehensive solution is provided to manage all these problems.

Challenges faced by B2B companies while making a sale

B2B companies face tricky situations when it comes to making a sale. 

Some of the problems encountered are:

  1. Getting placements at retail outlets and acquiring new customers

One of the best sales strategies is to reach out to individual retail stores to place your product. However, newer brands do not have a strong network, thus find it tough to convince retailers.

  1. Getting the right talent for sales and handling them daily

Building the perfect sales team isn’t easy. The process requires a lot of effort to attract, manage and retain talent in the company.

  1. Expanding into a new market

A critical challenge faced by a B2B brand is penetrating a new market. Entering a new market requires you to develop connections with local distributors, new retailers, and an upgraded sales strategy. All of this takes considerable, money, and effort.

  1. Maintaining a robust supply chain 

A business cannot maximise profits without an efficient logistic and supply chain system. Furthermore, without the right system in place, logistical issues are bound to occur.

  1.  Measuring the ROI from the sales team efforts 

For a new brand to be successful, it is crucial to measure the exact ROI against their sales spend. However, most new businesses have very limited resources to measure this.

How can Hoisst solve these problems?

Hoisst can help generate more sales by fixing these issues:

  • Businesses don’t have to hire an internal external sales team. Hoisst’s sales automation app assists in setting up and speeding up the entire sales system.
  • Hoisst’s core strategy is constantly penetrating new markets. So, business owners do not have to worry about expansion strategies anymore. 
  • Hoisst provides an end-to-end solution. They take orders from the retail outlet, manage supply chains, manage collections, and much more.
  • Hoisst helps businesses achieve high revenue growth by generating and optimising multiple sales channels. They manage all the leads and opportunities for businesses.
  • Hoisst helps businesses break through the clutter and find a unique position in the highly competitive FMCG market. They help brands gain better visibility.
  • Hoisst’s sales automation app enables businesses to track their activities into auto-pilot mode. They help businesses shoot up their productivity with geo-fencing and tagging.

You cannot depend on your internal team alone to grow your business. Every business needs a sales automation system to survive and succeed in the long run. And that is where Hoisst can help you.


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