Author Sahaj Kaur from Delhi comes out with her solo book “Verses vs Verses”

Author Sahaj Kaur from Delhi comes out with her solo book “Verses vs Verses”

About the book Verses vs Verses by Sahaj Kaur

 “Verses vs Verses” is a book that contains the emotions of a teenager who is undergoing many ups and downs in her life. The book is based on true events that happened in her life. At times the teenager is depressed looking at the things happening around and at times the teenager is happy and blessed with the people around her.The teenager is also motivated and has a clear image of life and a positive aspect towards the goals.  The book is a collection of the transitional moments that shape the thoughts of a growing adult as an individual is exposed to a gamut of experiences.

Verses vs Verses also depicts the turmoil of the year 2020 that brought about changes in everyone’s life, from the thought of sitting alone in a house to what the government is doing, is depicted and felt in the book. The aims to highlight the shortcomings of the pandemic as well as on the silver linings of life.

The book is all about emotions, feelings, tragedy, regrets, blessings, past and all above love. Each turning page will show and relate to the things that happens around us.

About The Author Sahaj Kaur

 Sahaj Kaur, born and brought up in India (Delhi) is a young and enterprising girl who believes in the potential of penning true and life-changing stories. She completed her schooling from New Era Public School. Currently pursuing graduation from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University ,Delhi.

She is an aspiring Software Engineer. Well versed with Web development and design, wordpress development, graphic designing, content writing,public speaking. She is also a SEO Analyst.

Verses vs Verses is her debut book . Where she describes the feeling of a teenager and the ups and downs faced by her. She portrays everything she sees into feelings.

She is full of adventure, loves to explore herself and the world out there. She is self sufficient and ready to step into the new phase of her life.  She has a practical approach towards the life and knows how to work on herself. She is true a karma believer and has faith in her doings.

Kaur’s childhood years and experiences with pen has shaped her views in life. Associated with ‘Dil ki Awaz’, one of the best open mic organisers and writing Community based in India, she has been awarded – “Poetess of the month” twice in a range of writing events. A prominent voice among the poets, she has participated in numerous open mic events. Known for her unique thoughts and reflective style,she stands out in the crowd.

Sahaj’s years in writing are truly inspirational for aspiring writers; especially young ones. Penning true stories with a knack of style and eloquence, her writings are vivid. She compiled her anthology-“Illusion of separation” with like minded prolific writers.

A new face in literature and an upcoming and strong poetic voice, Sahaj Kaur’s poems are a must read for all poetry lovers. Brimming with feelings of love,loss and nostalgia her works will leave you with a pang of happiness and a few tears as she takes you down on a memory lane.


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