Atreya Barad- The Rising Goan Businessman

Atreya Barad- The Rising Goan Businessman

Background: Born on 30th July 1998, Atreya Barad is a 24 year old businessman from Goa. He is the son of Businessman Mr. Mahendra Barad. He is the founder of the company Zera.Co. His company owns a fleet of water tankers, dumper trucks & earthmoving equipments. Their company is one of the top companies in Goa in their business domain.

Early Life: Atreya completed his schooling from Panaji’s Mushtifund High school. After which he joined Agnel Polytechnic Verna to pursue his Diploma in Civil Engineering. As a part of his internships Atreya worked with 2 of the top construction companies.

When asked about his internship lessons Atreya said “In my internships apart from the work experience what I learned was the value of money. I remember the time of my first internship; I was paid 3000 rupees per month. Now before making any expensive purchase I always remind myself that the amount of this purchase was once my monthly stipend. That automatically puts this question in my mind if I really need those expensive things. I think that really saves a lot of money for me.”

Career: After his internship, Atreya decided to join his father’s business Bee Kay Enterprises. Bee Kay Enterprises is a 40+ year old company having the same services as Zera.Co.

Zera was born as a child or a subsidiary to Bee Kay Enterprises. With 40+ years of experience they have excelled in giving the best services to their customers. The company has an all day’s available policy because of which they serve their customers on all 365 days.

His company has served top companies such as vokswagen, Cipla, Indoco, Pfizer etc. They have provided services across various sectors such as pharmaceutical companies, hotels, restaurants, construction companies, Showrooms, Car manufacturers, shipyards and many more.

Apart from this Atreya is also the author of the book “Beginners guide to make money with blogs”. This book has sold all its copies online. When asked about this book Atreya said “This book is not a boring big book, it explains the concept of monetizing your blogs in just 12 pages. My intention was to convey this information in a very short and sweet manner. There is no point in exaggerating and beating around the bush. A 12 page book is easy to read and start as quickly as possible without wasting any time.”

Future Plans: We also asked Atreya about his dreams and future plans he said, “I wish to start some more businesses, there are many such businesses that I am interested in. Right now I am looking for a right time and opportunity to slowly shift my focus to new ideas. 

If you ask me about Zera, I am looking to build more distribution channels across Goa and provide services throughout. These channels are estimated to be complete by 2025. I am a firm believer that one must never stop at one place and always aspire for more”

We wish Atreya good luck for his future endeavors.

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