All aboard abroad and return to retire! – RAS Overseas Services

All aboard abroad and return to retire! – RAS Overseas Services

Ever wondered what’s after your local matriculation and decent 12th? Is there more to it in MBBS? Is it all just this? RAS Oversea Services doesn’t think so in fact they say, “There’s always more for those who are hungry for knowledge and have a curious eye for what the world has to offer to them. They are one of the top educational consultants worldwide and will help you and guide you with a step-by-step process of getting you to the college you dream of! 

RAS Overseas Services was founded five years ago by Mr. Suyash. A young Suyash back in the day was a naive little boy when he set his shaky foot on this tight rope to Russia in darkness, “It was a tricky journey, I just had to learn things along the way, it wasn’t easy and my dream is to make it easy for students after me” says the aspiring founder of RAS Suyash. Suyash has been around for five years in this business. He started out when he was also a medical student in his 3rd year, venturing into another country to study abroad. It has been his dream ever since he set foot in the country to make it easier for the rest of us.

And that is exactly what they do! RAS Overseas provides top-tier consultancy services for any and all students looking to pursue an education abroad in MBBS. They not only guide the students but also parents and keep them in the know. Their company’s slogan is itself ‘Transparency and Trust’ and they follow it with all their heart. Suyash understands that the thought of moving to a foreign country is daunting enough and pledges to make it as smooth as possible. Their dream is to help their students get abroad with their guidance and then receive them back to see them serve their own country. “It is my goal that every student gets the proper guidance they deserve and comes back here to India and imparts that wisdom!” says the entrepreneur Suyash.

Not many people know of the procedure to get abroad. MBBS is a huge commitment and to study it abroad away from home is another task but with RAS Overseas Servicess’ help, you’ll be no longer in confusion, and easily maneuver through all the interviews and exams like a pro that it will feel like you’re packing up for a vacay. All you have to do is place your trust in their expertise and let them lead the way while you can focus on getting your things in order.

It was significantly difficult for Suyash to bring up RAS since he was only a student when he has this brain baby but his perseverance and hard work are what has brought RAS this far and many students into their dream colleges. RAS is doing so well today in the fact that in 2020, he was awarded the ‘Best Education Consultant Certificate’ from the Indian Business Alliance, Moscow. Recently in 2022, he was awarded by Malika Arora in the Grand Business Beauty Awards Season 5 that was held in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. With a man of his grandeur and laurels, you know he knows what he’s talking about. 

The company stands strong today not only through his willpower alone but four pillars as he likes to call it. A team of four strong and experienced consultants – Dr. Ravikant Sharma, Tanukant Sharma, Parth Mukut, and himself – are pushing our nation’s young minds to reach the soaring skies. They hope to help as many students as possible and only hope they’ll return and serve their country.

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