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A Group Founded by First-Generation Entrepreneurs of the Arya Family


The Karamchand Group, which includes Karamchand Realtech Private Limited and the first Karamchand Appliances Private Limited, is a group established by first-generation entrepreneurs from the Arya family. Let’s quickly and easily understand the key steps involved in its formation.

In 1986, Karamchand Industries, a partnership entity, was incorporated, marking the group’s entry into the fast-moving consumer goods market. The following year, in 1987, a technical partnership was established with Earth Chemical Co., Ltd., a division of the Otsuka Group in Japan, to introduce a cutting-edge line of household insecticide products.

The groundbreaking product “All Out” was launched in 1988, making a significant impact in the home insecticide market. In 1993, Karamchand Appliances Private Limited was incorporated, and a fully integrated manufacturing organization was established in a tax-holiday zone.

Karamchand Technologies Private Limited was established in 1999. The Arya Brothers received the prestigious Marketer of the Year award in 2000 for their exceptional contribution to making All Out the most popular household pesticide brand in India.

By 2003, All Out had achieved global success, securing the top spot in terms of volume. In the same year, a 50:50 joint venture with S. C. Johnson & Sons, Inc. was signed.

The entire business is handled and managed by the three members of the Arya family: Mr. Bimal Arya, Mr. Anil Arya, and Mr. Naveen Arya. The Group has several initiatives in the areas of Luxury Design, Nanotechnologies, and PE & PIPE investing across numerous business sectors as part of its varied portfolio management.



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