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By offering a Nutritious Diet, Binny Choudhry Helps People


Research continues to prove the importance of healthy nutrition to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutritionists plays an essential function in modern life. They’ve undergone specific training and have earned certificates to provide nutrition advice and improve your overall health.

My Plate Manager is one of the most trusted websites developed by Binny Choudhry. The team helped over 3000 customers following a set of diets and also helped them get healthier. They have the expertise to help you find foods which are safe for your body and you’ll be able to delight in eating the foods they recommend.

The person who invented My Plate Manager, Binny Choudhry is a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in helping people lead the life they desire to live. Her goal to assist people keep their fitness levels high started as a dietetic trainee at FitBites. The goal of her work is to guide her clients to a healthier and balanced lifestyle that can lead to a better life. In this respect she has created My Plate Manager.

My Plate Manager is her seeds from which she has shared many delicious healthy recipes. To make this seed an educated tree, she signed up for the nutrition and Dietetics program at the YMCA. From that point, her love in helping others change their eating habits been growing exponentially. My Plate Manager has developed into a hub for nutrition which helps clients re-energize their bodies through personalized tips for diet and lifestyle to help them achieve their fitness goals without sacrificing the food they are fond of.

Binny Choudhry, a nutritionist is a firm believer in providing balanced and healthy diets that will allow you to enjoy your life to the fullest in pursuit of the fitness targets you have set. According her, the objective is not only “weight loss” but improving overall health and wellbeing through the changes to your lifestyle and fitness.

My Plate Manager was created to assist you in reaching all of your fitness goals and eating the most nutritious foods you can afford in a way you love. The nutritional services they provide assist you in understanding the most nutritious foods and the foods you need to eat to improve overall health and wellness of the digestive tract, and improve the quality of your life.

Concerning My Plate Manager

My Plate Manager is not just a website that allows you to find diet plans to lose weight as well as a site to help you improve your overall wellbeing and health. Patients suffering from diabetes heart or thyroid disease or mental stress as well as PCOS require a balanced and healthy balanced diet plan to ease the symptoms. When they’ve been given the appropriate treatment, they’ll be able to recuperate quickly. Therefore, when we develop My Plate Manager, we attempt to comprehend the individual’s body’s constitution in light of the medical background of the patient prior to providing the appropriate diet program. In the long run, monitoring your nutritional intake is crucial particularly when suffering of an illness. Dietary advice from a dietician can increase your ability to heal and keep you healthy.

My Plate Manager

1. Let you know about the choices for food

2. Offers both physical and virtual meeting options

3. Facilitate your fitness journey

Finding a qualified nutritionist is the best way to begin and maintain the right diet that is based on your body’s requirements and medical history. Make contact with Binny Choudhry to set up an appointment.

Contact Number: +91-7838171636

Email: nutritionistbinny@gmail.com

Instagram: myplatemanager

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