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What is Neha and Rohanpreet’s inspiration behind making melodies of love!


There’s no doubt in the fact that Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh have given us some of the most beautiful love tracks right from ‘Baarish Mein Tum’ to ‘Gham Khushiyan’ which was released recently with the season of love going on. Sung by Neha Kakkar and Arijit Singh, the song is created by Rohanpreet Singh and it’s safe to say that it’s already on our playlists.

The adorable couple has worked their magic yet again and how! The romantic songs by the couple have always been played on a loop, and it made everyone curious to know how they get inspired to create these beautiful melodies.

Talking about how he draws inspiration while creating love song with Neha, Rohanpreet Singh said, “Neha and I have had a beautiful journey together and I don’t think there could be a better inspiration for me to create a melody of love. My wife is my motivation in life and work is no exception.”

To that Neha Kakkar added, “I think the best way to draw inspiration for something is to reflect up on your own life and that’s what we do. Even for Gham Khushiyan, I think I’d completely dedicate this song to him as it has those sweet moments that a couple share and it’s an absolutely meaningful song.”

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