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Mohit Devra Evolved from a Multi-Entrepreneur to a Successful Crypto Investor


A multi-entrepreneur who started from scratch in 2014 and has now made more than $15 million. In Jaipur, he runs an Information Technology company that serves clients from the United Kingdom. He owns five Manufacturing Industries for the Raw Materials which are further used in glass and sanitaryware production, which he sells in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the United States, as well as 20mm granite slabs. He began with $10,000 in bitcoin and now has more than $1.5 million.

Mohit did not become wealthy overnight. It takes years of hard work, piece by piece, to get this far. Mohit, like other students, questioned himself frequently while studying in Jaipur. “What do you want to accomplish in life?”

He had failed a course during the previous semester of his college studies. Despite this, he persevered and began working at his father’s manufacturing company. He eventually began working on his ideas in 2015, but this did not pique his interest. He was convinced that there was something better out there for him. As a result, he started travelling and meeting with various overseas buyers, introducing them to his products. He gradually began to cover international markets. His spirit, however, remained unsatisfied, and he needed to find it.

Mohit came across a private firm attempting to outsource a project to India while travelling in the United Kingdom. He embraced the concept wholeheartedly, and by 2016, he had established it in India. He wasn’t completely satisfied, but he was content.

In 2017, the cryptocurrency era began. In April 2017, when bitcoin was around $1000, one of his clients advised him to invest in it, which he did with equal zeal. When Bitcoin was worth $1200, he invested $10,000. Thanks to good fortune, he made a 125k cryptocurrency return in 8 months.

This was when he realised his spirit had found a home in cryptocurrency, and it was here that he discovered his heart! In 2018, he handed over all of his businesses to his family and began learning more about Bitcoin. After ten months of research and investigation, he concluded, “I realised Bitcoin is a never-ending project, and we are at the early adoption stage of the same.”Price fluctuations, bitcoin’s halving of acceptance, demand, and supply are all constrained by math, which I was able to solve.”

By the end of 2018, he had nothing save some working enterprises that had been passed down to his family and 140k USD of cryptocurrencies that he was keen to invest in. This time was different because Mohit understood when to support, and timing is crucial in investing. Based on his analysis, he forecasted when the market would collapse and when it would need to be rectified.

And he was entirely correct! Even during market downturns, his investments performed brilliantly. He might also place a wager of USD 5000 per Bitcoin. He believes he was overconfident and won USD 7,100. As a result of this investment, he now possesses 20 bitcoins. He waited even though he had lost the investing opportunity. Bitcoin was trading for more than USD 60,000 in May 2021, just a year after it had been halved. He made a million-dollar bitcoin transaction.

“I always believed in luck, but I was more inclined towards karma,” admits Mohit. Even in the event of a lottery, I believe that the person who does karma (sells tickets) receives more than the ticket purchasers who rely on luck, even when 99.99% fail and just 0.001% win. “However, Karma will always allow us to triumph.”

We don’t have to wait for karma to make good things happen if we believe that “whatever has to happen will happen.” Mohit plans to invest further in cryptocurrency and an Indian herbal firm.

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