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Heaven Herbs, the leading manufacturer of Organic and Herbal products continues to encourage and inspire people to eat healthy and emphasize on natural products


Almost everything we consume now a days is made of inorganic substances and impure mixture of minerals and other factors. Instant food, beverages with high carbon content, and many other processed foods have been the reason behind many diseases we come across these days. Although these products are a tasty treat for the tongue, they affect the body in severe ways. Organic and Herbal products are the need of the hour.

Organic and Herbal products have served the humanity ever since the existence of humans and have helped people to maintain their health status. And hence, to revive the essence of herbal and organic qualities in our daily food consumption process, Heaven Herbs, a renowned company dealing with all natural resources products has been manufacturing 100% pure organic and herbal products. Mr. Rajan Kalia, a Himachali Local boy laid the foundation of the company after completing his MBA in Human Resources.
The company has been serving its customers with the best quality organic and herbals products which are very effective for healing various kind of diseases and making your body stronger and better as a whole. The products are loved by many people and has been proven to be effective by many regular customers. During the coronavirus pandemic, Joshanda Desi Kadha Drink was purchased at a very high rate as it proved to be helping people during the hard times by healing many problems within the body and boosting the immunity power. Heaven Herbs also deals in Organic Bajra, Wheat, Soya protein healthy snacks. For hair fall related issues, Heaven Herbs manufactures Neem wood combs and manufactures Neem and Bamboo wood brush infused with Charcoal which is used since ancient times for healthy and shiny teeth, altogether producing effective products for major body problems. Products like organic pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, Slim Fit tea, Power tea, Immunity tea, Organic Haldi and spices. 
With the vision to help people eat healthy and encourage the society to consume healthy food options, Heaven Herbs, an organic and herbal products manufacturing company was established. Now the company is one of the most famous and top rated natural products manufacturing company in the world. A trusted and excellent brand, the company has helped many people to stay fit and encouraged people to choose natural products instead of processed and impure products. 

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