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The Beats of thought explores the facet of Nature that we miss in the stressful lifestyles of modern times.


The lens on Nature.

For years now, writer and author Rupinder Kaur kaiche’s book series has engaged & enthralled readers. We are happy to announce that the third book in this series will soon be available. In August, The Beats of Thought (published by Partridge India) will be available for purchase. The book will take you on a tour of dense mountain ranges touching the skies to an eternal profundity of seas, blending the immense beauty of nature in her words. The laughter shakes you awake, caresses you with whispering leaves, and fills you with joyous mist that radiates unrestrained delight.

A collection of poetry that challenges technology to keep the spice of life and praises rage over a cup of coffee. The poetess offers you the mirror of the destruction that man has brought about as you take in the beauty of the dancing soil. Everyone must experience and endure the consequences of it. It includes poetry that inspires you to pause, take in, and appreciate the breathtaking beauty of the natural world all around you. You hear the music of silence as a gentle grin dance over your lips, and you fall in love with nature. Poetry motivates you to safeguard, take care of, and preserve nature’s unending source of tranquilly, joy, and health. It honours nature and motivates readers to protect it on both a local and global scale.

Dr Rupinder Kaur Kaiche is a practising doctor. She has a demanding career attending to acute medical situations in hospitals. Her employment has forced her to consider all facets of life, even in casual meetings.

Dr Rupinder has been invited to give lectures at prominent universities on how to live a balanced life in today’s demanding society.

How can we be responsible for future generations and offer them their fair share of nature?

The author has been getting a great response from the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany to the Street of Delhi (World Book Fair festival 2021) The DewDrops & Sunshine has received positive reviews at all major books fairs around the world.

For more information please contact

Book available on all major platform from 5th August 2022

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

Phone: 8007718877

Address: Oakland Apts
Gangapur Road, Nashik

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