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A fitness model and nutritionist, Mr. Shivam Sankhla sets standards and inspires people to go for organic body-building practices.


Staying healthy and fit in a world dominated by pollution and other ill-substances is important. The polluted environment has made it necessary for people to constantly make efforts to stay fit and well. Gyms and fitness centers run at large as the urge and necessity to stay healthy matters a lot. Also, a good personality is quite attractive and we all are surely aware about the famous quote “First Impression is the Last Impression”. Of course, first impressions matter a lot and keeping yourself in shape makes you more attractive.

Although many people prefer to use medicines and supplements along with daily workout sessions, organic growth and natural transformation is the definition of all the worthy workout sessions and outcome which is built naturally by efforts rather than taking the help of any supplements.

Mr. Shivam Sankhla, a fitness model and nutritionist has always emphasized on bringing the growth in body with natural efforts. As an internationally certified trainer, he has helped over 500 people with natural transformations. He himself has worked really hard and has made a lot of efforts for outstanding body growth throughout the years. He has never preferred to use medicines or body supplements, rather he has followed a more natural and suiting diet to bring visible growth in his body. Shivam has always focused more on following best diet plans and hard work, rather than stuffing his body with unnecessary health supplements.

As a fitness enthusiast, he advises people to put some efforts while workout sessions rather than being quick to go for medicines and health supplements. Working out harder and bringing out this natural look is much better and more appreciated than any other.

You can contact him through his social media accounts,

Facebook – shivam sankhla

Instagram – Changeandevolve01


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