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Shraddha Tapperz Dance Skool Celebrates Doctor’s Week; Hosts India’s First Therapeutic Dance


Shraddha’s Tapperz Dance Skool is celebrating Doctor’s Week in a very unique and distinguished way and serving society, especially the doctors and the medic staff, with their therapeutic dancing sessions.

It is well known that dance is relaxing and healthy and helps the human’s mental and physical well-being. Celebrating Doctors and their contribution to the people, Shraddha’s Shah, is a well-known dancer, celebrity choreographer, and motivational speaker. She also participated in Dance India Dance Super Moms and won 2nd runner-up in the show.

She has always been a person who spreads positivity via her dance, and her dance school, Shraddha’s Tapperz Dance Skool, has been running successfully for the last 19 years in Surat, Gujarat. Not only has she trained children, adults, housewives, working individuals, everyone. A child as young as four years old and the oldest of 78 years are dancing and enjoying themselves at the Dance Skool.

It is a fact that dance directly impacts our psychology and our mental health. The all-new therapeutic dance sessions are dedicated to doctors for their service, and these sessions have turned out to be a success. In total, more than 600 doctors, medics, and paramedics participated in these therapeutic dance sessions and took advantage of them to relax, enjoy and refresh themselves. Shraddha’s Shah, host, and organiser of this session says, “The therapeutic dance sessions help in boosting of confidence, building of confidence, team building and it also heals. If someone had horrible past experiences, dance holds the power to let them go.”

In these sessions, medicos from various places and various departments were present, and they all danced. Some of them pursued dance as a hobby, while some were first-time dancers. Everyone felt encouraged, and their enthusiasm was par anything.

Shraddha’s Tapperz Dance Skool undertook this initiative to give doctors therapy. They say, “Doctors and all the medical staff get very less time for themselves. They have no me time with this initiative we wanted them to be joyful and be stress free. Afterall if our doctors are stress free and happy, they can look after their patients without any stress.”

Dr. Nrupal, Dr. Neha, and Kuldeep Thakor were the conveners of the session, and this session turned out to be a huge success. It was India’s first therapeutic dance session that was organised in lieu of doctor’s week across the country.

Let us have reviews of the dance sessions from the participants that were present there;

A participant said,

This was an amazing experience. Shraddha’s and her team did a tremendous job, and so thankful to them for this initiative. I enjoyed it a lot and looking forward to more of it.”

Another person who was present shared his experience;

I never danced in my life, like never, but this was the first time I danced and moved my feet to a beat. It was so relaxing and calm. I had never felt the rush like this before. Surely, dance can heal and can make you do wonders. Thanks to everybody who is behind this. All the best to them.”

We all know how tirelessly doctors have been working when the pandemic hit the globe. They have worked harder and have served the country in a way that they cannot be thanked. Shraddha’s and her team showed their gratitude towards them with this unique session.

Shraddha’s Tapperz Dance Skool will organise these sessions frequently in the future. These sessions are primarily joined by people working in corporates, students, housewives-househusbands, i.e., people from all layers come together and dance.

Shraddha herself has been dancing for more than two decades now, and she continuously focuses on health via dancing. She has also recorded her world record in the Unique Book of World Record Holders for Non-stop 12 hours of online dance therapy sessions.

She is also associated with an NGO where she teaches dance to children for free. She also mentors Down Sydrom Autism Kids & Physically Challenged kids through Dance therapy. Handling YouTube channel successfully with more than 145k+ subscribers and also teaches dance through her videos online.

To connect and know more about Shraddha and Tapperz Dance Skool, visit;https://www.tapperzdanceskool.in/

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