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Jiya Pandey (Winner of The Real Khiladi Season 4) Supertech Ecovillage 1 Greater Noida West)


The Real Khiladi Season-4 has its own name. 

The most important thing about this show is that in the first three seasons, the boys had won. This is the first time that Jiya Pandey won the title by beating the boys

It is that these were kept in the badges as usual.    The show is organized by Vivank Gurjar. The show was telecasted by CHARDIKALA TIME TV from all over India and also in the US and Canada. The Real Khiladi show was organized in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand in which the contestants were given more than one tough task. In which the biggest challenge was to transfer the ball from one boat to another in the midst of the rushing stream of Rishikesh. The player who reached the ball as many times and first as floating in the water to his team leader was to be declared the winner.

And this dangerous work was accomplished by Jiya Pandey. Being the winner of the show, Jiya Pandey will get a chance to work on web series, and music albums apart from hosting the upcoming season of The Real Khiladi.   

 Multi-Talented Jiya Pandey is a great dancer, choreographer as well as a great actress. She has also shown the magic of acting in the TV serial Anandi-Gaon Ki Ladli. Apart from this, Jiya  has also received many Women Achievement Awards. Along with this, she has also judged many fashion shows,  And now As a Jurey is also going to appear in a new upcoming show The Next Star, this show will be telecast on Ishwar TV,  Before going to the shoot of the show, Jiya has done a short film with child artist Ravi Puri (BAALVEER FAME) under the banner of Chilsag Production , which will release in India and Canada in July2022.

Jiya has also become a source of inspiration for many girls and women, the way she is achieving success one after the other, Jiya is perfectly fit, and when asked the reason she said that if you do exercise and proper diating then  Anyone can stay fit & fine, Describing her journey, She told that the path was not too easy, and there was no godfather on this line, so many problems came in the beginning and faced them openly and went ahead,

She also told that now things have become very easy, whatever you want to do, you can know everything because everything on internet, everything on social media, earlier it was very difficult to know only.

Very soon Jiya is going to be seen in some upcoming projects too.

Along with this, Jiya helps a lot for new artists and especially children to move forward, due to their help, today many children have got a chance to grow in this line, along with learning, their confidence level also increases. 

Many congratulations and congratulations to Jia Pandey for the success that she has achieved in such a short time, this is our hope that you continue to touch the heights of progress one by one like this, thank you 



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