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Little Clocks revolutionizing kids fashion with sustainable clothing


With rising consumer awareness, sustainability has recently become a major concern for the fashion business. Brands are frequently chastised for consuming finite natural resources, ranging from cotton to silks, leather to cashmere. Competition has begun among firms to claim the title of sustainable fashion brand. Today, corporations all around the world are taking notice and pledging to take major steps to demonstrate that they care as much about the environment as their customers and conservationists. Taking forward the same concept, certain brands are trailblazing change. One such name in the clothing sector that is a torchbearer for sustainable clothing is Little Clocks.

Little Clocks is India’s first subscription-based children’s clothing rental service which is helping people to live a more sustainable life by spinning their child’s closets. Anyone can easily get rid of excess clothing in their homes by upselling or rotating with the brand – all one has to do is return outgrown items when it’s time for the following size. By spinning your child’s closet, one can help in living a more sustainable life. Upselling or rotating with us is a simple way to get rid of surplus clothing in your home; all you have to do is return outgrown items when it’s time for the next size!

The brand is very well versed in the fact that your child’s clothes will most likely be outgrown in a matter of months. Little Clocks steps in to help with this by renting out children’s clothes so you don’t have to buy new ones every month. As a parent, one may understand how sometimes it is tiresome when your child develops faster than expected—the blink of an eye and they are pushing themselves up in the cot! Clothing that one finds attractive may only last two months with our children before needing to be sized up or being outgrown entirely. Little Clocks is India’s first children’s clothes rental service based on a subscription model.

Talking about the cause of the brand’s inception, the founder of the brand stated, “I believe dressing your youngsters should be a carefree and fun experience. It shouldn’t make you feel regretful, poor, or focused. You have the option to get clothes in your child’s size when they need them- not two sizes up like most Indian parents do (because that is what we are all used to). In addition, because children grow so quickly, we should also be able to dispose of garments easily without feeling guilty about throwing them away every few months.”

Going further she added, “ Little Clocks was born out of my thoughts on the subject – I’m sure many parents feel the same way about buying baby clothes – and as a result, we became what we are today: India’s first children’s clothing rental service for people looking for an eco-friendly choice when beginning a family.”  The clothes offered by the brand are pre-owned items in excellent condition, with virtually no flaws and in pristine condition in comparison to their original stage of manufacture.

Little Clocks was created to assist parents in keeping track of the costs and time spent on baby clothing. What is the most appealing aspect of this service? It’s simple in terms of pricing and what to do with outdated clothing. Most importantly, they believe in circularity and aim to find a solution to extend each garment’s life cycle while also minimising waste to be environmentally friendly.

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